Weekly Poll: What’s Your Favorite Social Network?

Social Networks. Like them (pun not intended) or hate them, they’ve changed the way we communicate. Email’s the underpinning of online communications, and IRC is perhaps the pinnacle of geeky online communications. Social network is everything in the middle, from the business-trying-to-be-cool network LinkedIn to text message style Twitter to everything-in-one Facebook. And then Google had to complicate things by coming out with yet. another. social. network.

It’s a mess out there, and thanks to the fact that everyone doesn’t use the same social network, you’re almost required to use all of them. But you’re not required to use them all the time. So the question is, which network keeps you coming back?

I’m personally a Twitter fan, and love the way it lets you interact with anyone. Plus, it’s the simplest social network. I use it mainly to keep up with tech colleagues and share tech-related stuff. But even though I don’t care for Facebook’s interface and find it’s mirage of settings irritating, I love how it lets me keep in touch with friends around the globe. In fact, Facebook Chat has become the main way I talk with friends in other cities. It’s my personal network, and I share things my closer friends and family would enjoy. However, I really couldn’t find a place for Google+ to fit in, and check it only rarely now.

How about you? What network do you check by default when you’re bored, and where’s the first place you share stuff you find online?