Weekly Poll: What’s Your Choice Blogging Platform?

So many bloggers and so many blogging platforms to choose from. While there’s quite a selection of blogging platforms available, only a handful stand out as top choices. But which one is the right one for you? We recently pulled together 10 Fantastic Lightweight CMSes You Should Try, most of which completely lack real blogging capabilities. However, that led me to ask, what’s everyone’s top choice these days?

Personally, I automatically default to WordPress for the large majority of my projects as it’s one of the most supported, flexible and easy to use platforms currently available. Maybe there’s been some new advances in other platforms lately though, beyond what we listed in our 10 Best Blogging Platforms. What’s your choice blogging platform?

Whatever the platform, I’d more so like to hear why you chose that particular platform over other top contenders. Versatility? Options? Theming capabilities? Let me know with a quick comment below.