Weekly Poll: What Web Apps Have You Quit Using in 2012?

As all of us who love web apps know, it’s terribly easy to get started using new web apps. Rather than having to download and install an app, you’ll just have to quickly signup (or sometimes, just click a button to try the demo), and you’ll be using the app in seconds. That can be a problem too, though, since you’ll likely end up trying out far more web apps than you end up using over the long-haul.

I personally shift the web apps I use from time to time, and aside from the very most important (WordPress and related apps for AppStorm, Basecamp for collaboration, Gmail for email, contacts, and calendar, and Dropbox), odds are I’m using new web apps all the time. I’ve started using Pocket instead of Instapaper thanks to their new Mac app, and have switched my personal site from WordPress to Kirby CMS. I’ve got hundreds of web accounts in 1Password, but most of them I haven’t used in ages.

That’s why we’re curious what web apps you’ve quit using this year. We’d love to hear about why you’ve switched apps in the comments below!