Weekly Poll: What Other Twitter-like Apps are you Using?

After making rather drastic changes to its API and app policies, Twitter became a lot more about Twitter.com and a lot less about the many apps that helped it get popular in the first place. It’s still a perfectly great network, and Twitter.com still provides a quite nice interface if it’s the only way to use the service. But the changes have been enough to set off a tidal wave of new social networking ideas.

In the weeks since then, we’ve seen the new App.net paid social network take off, with dozens of high-quality apps and tools released already for the new network. We’ve also seen the new Tent.io social networking platform launched, which aims to make it as easy to run your own Twitter-style network as running a WordPress blog. Then, there’s plenty of older competitors, from Status.net to Identi.ca that are getting more interest now that everyone’s scared the Twitter we love and know is going to disappear.

That’s why we’re wondering: have you started using another Twitter-like service? Do you plan to switch completely, or are you using it alongside Twitter? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!