Weekly Poll: What Google Reader Alternate Did You Switch to?

Google Reader died sometime in the wee hours today, with not so much as a Google Doodle to remember it. Google’s leaving Reader’s data in Takeout export for 2 more weeks, but after that, Google Reader will be little more than a memory. It’s high time to move on, if you haven’t already.

We’ve rounded up the 5 best apps to help you move away from Google Reader, all of which are great options. But that’s not all. There’s tons of other RSS readers, including the brand-new Aol. Reader that our writer Justin loved, and many others that we’ve reviewed and that you’ve let us know in the comments that you love. Today, there’s an RSS reader app for everyone, whether you want to install an app on your own server (like Fever, which is what I switched to), would rather see your feeds as a magazine, or want something that is the perfect copy of Google Reader.

That’s why we’d love to know what RSS app you’ve switched to. Select your choice in the poll, then let us know why you chose that app in the comments below.