Weekly Poll: How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

Internet speed. More than disk speed or CPU speed or videocard speed, internet speed is likely the one thing that can most directly impact our computing workflow today. Whether you’re like us and use web apps all the time, or just do the occasional Stack Overflow and Google search to find out how to fix those pesky problems you come across, if the ‘net’s pokey, you’re work’s going to come to a crawl.

A few years ago, when I started working online, we had a pokey 512 Kbps ASDL connection at our home office. Over the holidays, we were able to upgrade to a fibre optics connection with crisp 8-10 Mbps download speeds. Only problem is, those speeds only hold up inside Thailand; try downloading from an overseas site (read: most sites), and you’ll see your speed drop to 1-2 Mbps rather quickly. But hey, anything’s an improvement.

Even on the go, internet speeds have become incredibly fast. I still usually get by with an EDGE connection wile traveling, which hovers around 200-300 Kbps, but even that’s sufficient to get basic work done on the road almost anywhere on earth. And with 4G speeds rivaling standard home internet connections, the day might come when we all cut the cord for good.

So what do internet speeds at your home or office look like? If you’re not sure, pay Speedtest.net a visit. If you’d like to share your exact scores, feel free to post your speed test link in the comments below!