Weekly Poll: How Do You Take Notes?

The internet is not lacking for high quality apps to help you keep up with all of your notes. From the popular Evernote to Simplenote’s plain text notes to less traditional apps such as Backpack and wikis, there’s tons of ways to keep up with all of your information.

Evernote’s web app has been recently been updated with features that make it work more like their desktop apps. At the same time, Simplenote has recently added a slew of new features to their plain text note app, including support for Markdown formatting and printing from the web app. Then, Microsoft’s belated Office Web Apps includes a nearly full-featured version of OneNote, their note app for Windows.

With all of these choices, and more, what do you use to keep up with your notes? Select your favorite tool in the poll, or add your own entry if you use something else. We’re looking forward to seeing how you keep up with all of your notes!