Weekly Poll: How Do You Share Holiday Pictures With Others?

The Christmas season provides us with plenty of “Kodak Moments”: the kids with grandma and grandpa, someone eating fruitcake, mistletoe disasters. Odds are, though, your “Kodak Moments” now are captured on your smartphone, digital camera, or possibly even tablet, and they’re likely never printed out on paper. We used to wait for weeks to get that great shot of the whole family together from relatives on the other side of the country. Now, we’re tagging people in pictures on Facebook before we’ve even said goodbye.

There’s zillions of ways you can send pictures to others nowadays. You could email your three hundred huge 10 megapixel shots, but everyone going to hate you for the whole next year. You could post them on Twitter or Facebook, upload them to Flickr, or blog them on your own site. You could tweak them with Instagram or your favorite photo app, and share them through specialty networks. You could even share a whole Dropbox folder with all of your family and friends, so everyone gets everyone’s best shots.

What’s your favorite way to share pictures? I’m personally most likely to upload files to Cloud.app and then share the links on my social networks and via email for those family members not on Facebook. For bigger events, sharing a Dropbox folder is my favorite option whenever possible. I still don’t use Instagram and other photo apps much, but that might be due to my smart device being a 3rd gen iPod Touch without a camera. So how do you usually share pictures, and do you plan to change anything in sharing pictures this holiday season?

Camera icon by MugenB16