Weekly Poll: How do You Share Files Online?

Odds are, you’ve shared a file online this week. From a simple screenshot to a code snippet to a PDF document you’ve spent hours writing, we’re sending and sharing more files online all the time. My youngest brother the other day commented on how odd a floppy looked after he’d discovered an old one laying around the house. To him, sharing a file meant using the internet, and he couldn’t even imagine having to use a piece of plastic that couldn’t even hold one picture from most digital cameras today.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways to share files online. I personally love using CloudApp, though the new Droplr updates make it a very attractive solution as well. Abhimanyu recently wrote up a great overview of the best apps for sharing files online, including these and other options to share even bigger files.

That’s why we’re curious which app you use for sharing files. Do you use any of these, or do you only share images on social networks and other services that keep you from needing to use a file sharing tool? Or are you still sending files in email attachments? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the poll and the comments below!