Weekly Poll: How Do You Bookmark Sites and Web Apps?

18 years ago, web browsers started sporting a new way to help you keep up with the sites you discover online: bookmarks. Bookmarks, or Favorites in IE, were a great idea, but they quickly outgrew your browser. Once we started using the internet on multiple computers, the idea of saving bookmarks on one browser seemed increasingly archaic. Thus, online bookmarking services have become increasingly popular over the past decade, starting with De.lico.us in 2003.

Today, with mobile smartphones, tablets, browser-only Chromebooks, and the variety of computers we use at our workplaces, schools, and more, you need to keep up with your most important sites more than ever. Sure, you could just Google sites every time, and that’d work fine for finding the front page of popular sites such as your school. However, when you find that perfect plugin for your WordPress site or that cute cat picture that you couldn’t replace, chances are you won’t find it again if you don’t bookmark it.

This week, we’d love to hear what bookmarking service or tool is your favorite. Do you still get by with browser bookmarks, perhaps using your browser’s sync service, or do you use an online bookmarking service? Or do you perhaps keep a private document or wiki with your important links? Select your favorite in the poll, and let us know why you love your bookmarking service in the comments below.