Weekly Poll: Have You Tried Out the New Basecamp?

In the world of web apps, you quickly get used to apps changing without any prior notice. It seems that Google and Facebook are the worst about it. They’ve each changed enough over the past few years, that if they drastically changed their interfaces tomorrow, it frankly wouldn’t overly surprise most of us.

With native apps, you might get a few small new features in updates over time, but you wouldn’t get major new features until a new version of the program was released. You’d then pay for the software upgrade, and brace yourself to relearn all of your old tricks in the program’s new interface. Web apps changed this, bringing the idea of rapid iteration and gradually adding new features over time. The problem is, sometimes you do need a major change, just like the changes new version of native apps afforded.

The new Basecamp is a full redesign of 37signals’ 6 year old project management app. In our review, we found that it is completely different, and yet still very much the same in the way it works. It’s a new take on their original concept, one that leads the industry with a brand new interface style. Most interestingly, it is one of the first few examples of a web app releasing a completely new version rather than iterations over time, which could be a great thing for the web app industry. Our friends at Tuts+ Premium have already moved to the new Basecamp, and love it, and we’re sure many teams will be making the same switch in the coming weeks and months.

So that’s why we’re wondering: have you given the new Basecamp a try? If you were using the old Basecamp before, do you like the new version better? If you were using a different product, will the new Basecamp get you to jump ship? Or are you 100% not interested in the new Basecamp, and don’t plan to give it a try? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!