Weekly Poll: Have You Ever Taken a Break from Social Networking?

About a month ago, the very first superstore came to my small town of Tak, Thailand. Everyone was excited to have the extra shopping destinations, restaurants, ice cream and donut shops, and even an Apple Store of all incredible things. But the thing that struck me most about our new superstore was how many signs and advertisements there have social networking links.

Sure, it’s been easy to see the change Facebook has brought to communications here. Only a few years ago, internet shops were filled with children chatting on MSN and checking Hotmail email. Today, every computer is filled with kids checking Facebook, and you’re more likely to be asked your Facebook name than your phone number.

I’ve logged out of social networking for the past week for some personal reasons, and it’s been an interesting break. While I’ve missed communicating with friends, I’ve also found that I’ve been less bombarded with random stuff I didn’t want to hear about. We get so used to fanning every business and interest we have, that it’s easy for social networking to become overwhelming. I’m looking forward to using it again, but almost think I’d be better served by a Facebook with only a couple dozen of my closest friends and family.

Have you ever tried taking a break from social networking? Did you find it beneficial, and did you change your networking habits as a result? I’d love to see if anyone else, for personal reasons or just for the sake of the experiment, has ever tried taking a fast from social networking, and what your thoughts on it were.