Weekly Poll: Have You Ever Canceled Your Facebook Account?

Facebook may be the world’s most popular social network, but it’s sure not universally loved. You can go anywhere and see people using it on everything from ancient XP desktops in IE6 to iPhones and Android smartphones, and odds are you’re a member of it right now. But then, it’s also likely not the app you’d think of first when you think of beautifully designed apps you love to use. We use Facebook because everyone else does, and after all, it takes a village to make a social network actually social.

Every time something changes on Facebook, you hear people complaining that this is the last straw and that they’re planning to leave Facebook for good. Then, weeks later, you get an email that the person you heard complaining just tagged you in a picture. On Facebook. My fiancé and I have joked many times about leaving Facebook, even though we started dating though it. And of course, we’re still on it.

Facebook’s taken over casual emails, and has wisked away the chat market from IM and Yahoo! Messenger, but even at that, it’s hardly the only game in town. We all could cancel Facebook if we really wanted to.

That’s the question: do we really want to?

Have you canceled your Facebook account, or do you still enjoy using the world’s largest social network? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!