Weekly Poll: Do You Use Google+?

Google has tried so hard to get into the social networking game, but its first attempts were little more than failures. Let us count the ways:

  • Google Wave, which promised to reinvent how we collaborate. Dead.
  • Google Buzz, a social network inside Gmail. Dead.
  • Orkut, an outright social network. Practically unknown outside of Brazil.

So then, Google practically had to redesign their entire company around their final social offering: Google+. It launched with fanfare, and even had some nice features, but ultimately wasn’t enough different to drag most of us away from Twitter and Facebook. Just about the only standout feature was Hangouts, group video chats inside Google+.

But Google has forged it deeply into Google search, making a Google+ profile rather necessary if you want your site’s search results to show off your author info. Plus, if you buy into Google’s other products like the brand-new Glass, you’ll get the best built-in sharing experience with Google+.

So, are you still using Google+? Or has your account languished without any recent updates?

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