Weekly Poll: Do You Use Google Docs for Collaboration?

Google Docs actually is quite a nice office suite, and can be quite useful for putting together the documents and spreadsheets you might have otherwise made in Microsoft Office. The integration of Google Drive has made it a bit more confusing to navigate, but the individual apps themselves remain some of the nicest examples of high-quality web apps.

While the apps work great for individual use, they really shine for collaboration. I was initially skeptical that I’d ever need to live-edit a document, but have found dozens of reasons to do so in the past years. From writing group reports together in college to keeping up with our AppStorm article schedule, or from translating a song to planning details of events, I’ve come to rely on being able to co-edit documents with others online.

That’s why I was wondering if our readers use Google Docs to edit documents with others, or just to create their own documents. How do you use Google Docs? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!