Weekly Poll: Do You Use Evernote Pro?

Evernote released a new beta Mac app today, which has many of us trying out Evernote again. Evernote has been extremely successful, being easily the best known notes app on any platform. You can snap pictures on your phone, write out a store list, store a PDF eBook, and jot down some important class notes, all in the same app. Thanks to Evernote’s OCR-powered search, you can find anything you’ve saved in seconds.

Evernote’s free by default, but it limits you to 60Mb of uploads per month on free accounts. If you’re uploading pictures and scans every day, you’d hit that limit pretty quick, but otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to hit the limit. The pro upgrade gives some other features, such as searching inside PDFs and an ad-free interface, but for the most part, you can get much of Evernote’s power without ever upgrading.

We know many of our readers are Evernote fans, so we’re curious: did you upgrade to Evernote Pro? What made you decide to pay for the upgrade? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!