Weekly Poll: Do You Use Any Zoho Apps?

When you think of web apps to use instead of Microsoft Office, odds are Google Docs is the first thing to pop into your mind. You might even think of Microsoft’s own Office web apps. But one of the largest suites of productivity apps online comes from Zoho.

Zoho’s online suite of office apps started in 2005, and has continued to mature and grow since then. Today, Zoho boasts over 7 million users around the world. And it’s no wonder why: Zoho has full-featured word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, database, project management, CRM, email, file sharing apps, and more. You can use them for free, or get business accounts cheaper than you could with Google or Microsoft. There’s so much Zoho offers, it’d actually be hard for anyone to use all of their apps. You can use Zoho tools to make a website, get stats on your site, invoice and track time, recruit new employees, collaborate with your team … or just write up a Word document.

That’s why we’re wondering how many of our readers use Zoho apps. We’d love to hear what Zoho app you use the most in the comments below!