Weekly Poll: Do You Subscribe to Digital Magazines?

This morning, I awoke to find an email from Distance, a new design-centric magazine I’d recently backed on Kickstarter. The first issue was ready for download, and seconds later I was flipping through the PDF on my iPad. Here’s a new magazine that started with an idea, was funded through Kickstarter, and weeks later was in my hands digitally.

The web’s fueled writing in all shapes and sizes: websites and blogs like this one, eBooks from Kindle and other eBook stores and libraries, and even digital magazines. From new digital versions of Wired or National Geographic on the iPad to brand new indie magazines like Hacker Monthly, Distance, or the WP Candy Quarterly, there’s digital magazines in all shapes and sizes. Some are more like apps than documents, while others come in DRM-free PDF and ePub formats so you can read them anywhere.

Magazines can sometimes seem like an archaic format in the day of blogs. However, there’s still something to be said for the high-quality content and formatting magazines offer, and many of us have spent pleasant afternoons browsing through magazines in years past. Would you consider buying a digital magazine today, or do you already buy them? What would make magazines still be relevant in 2012 to you?