Weekly Poll: Do You Subscribe to Any Paid Digital Magazines?

It’s a new year, and paid digital magazines and newspapers are still the talk of the town online. Traditional media has been hurt by the internet, with subscriber numbers falling and advertising dollars moving online (or disappearing entirely). But then, there’s a growing number of publications with paywalls around their content (like the New York Times), and tablets have given a new boost to digital magazines.

The most interesting thing, though, is the new players. There’s totally new digital magazines, such as The Magazine, launched by Marco Arment of Instapaper fame. It launched on the iPhone, but recently got a web-focused makeover that lets you subscribe online and read articles in your browser or download them in eBook formats. There’s also new long-form journalism efforts such as MATTER, a great new digital publication that brings one long-form article per month, which you can get via a subscription or directly through Kindle.

Last year, we asked if you subscribe to any digital magazines, and over 30% of you said that you did at that time. With all the new choices available now, though, we’re wondering if more of you are subscribing to paid digital publications. Or, have you found that digital editions of magazines didn’t live up to your expectations, and canceled your subscriptions?

If you are subscribing to digital magazines, we’d love to hear which ones you love in the comments below!