Weekly Poll: Do You Still Use Facebook?

If there’s one web app that always manages to stir up controversy, it’s Facebook. The world’s largest social network has slowly gotten most of us used to sharing our personal information, locations, pictures, the apps, movies, books, and music we like, and the things that are going on in our lives. Most recently, Facebook has tied all of the likes and personal info we’ve all put into Facebook together, and turned it into the powerful, yet somewhat creepy Graph Search.

Redefining what sharing means with each passing generation hasn’t been without its set of problems. Almost every time Facebook releases a major change, you’ll hear people adamantly declare that this time, they’ll really quit Facebook for good. Then, before long, that dies down, and everyone’s still on Facebook. Google Trends captures this, showing peaks of interest in quitting Facebook after major changes, with a gradual increasing interest in it overtime.

Facebook may not be the most popular brand network – Twitter seems to have stolen that crown, as we saw during the Super Bowl – but Facebook has remained the place where we, well, connect with friends online. Are you still using it, or has the introduction of Graph Search scared you off?

If you’ve ever quit Facebook, or plan to, we’d love to hear your story!