Weekly Poll: Do You Stay Offline During Holidays?

No matter where you live on Planet Earth, odds are you’ll have a holiday (or 3) before the end of the year. In America, the Christmas season seems to get longer each year, while on the other side of the planet in Thailand, my town of Tak has a week long festival celebrating the 18th century King Taksin right around New Years. And if November and December’s holidays aren’t enough, Chinese New Years is only a few weeks later.

This week, though, it’s Thanksgiving time for Americans (even Americans in Thailand), a time to remember the things we’re thankful for with the ones we’re most thankful for. Sure, there’s the usual festivities and food, but for web-addicted people, it can be a trying time away from your computer. Most of us spend too much time in front of screens already, but it can be tempting to pull out your smartphone under the table and check Tweets instead of eating turkey.

What’s the point of get-togethers, anyhow, if you’re going to stay online? So, that’s why we’re curious: how do you deal with internet on holidays? Do you try to stay offline and make more time for family? Or do you end up posting more pictures of the celebrations on Facebook and Instagram than ever before?

And by the way, here’s an early Happy Thanksgiving (for our American readers), Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years from the Web.AppStorm team!

Christmas Lights photo via lavandarfields on Flickr