Weekly Poll: Do You Sell Stuff Online?

It’d be easy to levy the same accusation against the internet that the iPad has withstood ever since it was originally released: it’s only for consumption. The iPad seemed perfectly designed for reading and watching videos and social networking, not writing books and designing buildings and crafting animation and more that people do every day on PCs. It’d be obvious to say the same thing about the internet — it’s the place we go to waste time and read and watch videos of cats and update our status on Facebook.

If you’re a frequent reader of our articles at Web.AppStorm, though, you know for a fact that there’s thousands of ways to be productive and get things done online. You could write a book, or tweak photos, or paint a masterpiece, or code a new application, or design a new building, all without leaving your browser. The web’s a powerful place for collaboration, or for working on your own.

The web is also the best place to sell stuff. You can sell your old stuff you never use on eBay or Craigslist, sell a book on Amazon or an app on the App Store, or make your own online store and sell anything you make from your own site. There’s dozens of ways to easily open an online store, from Gumroad’s simple digital download eCommerce to Etsy’s simple tools to sell your handicrafts.

I personally sell a digital magazine online through the App Store and Gumroad, and my wife sells craft supplies on eBay. How about you? Do you sell stuff online, either just to get rid of older stuff or as your business? What apps do you use to help you sell online? We’d love to hear your eCommerce experience in the comments below!