Weekly Poll: Do You Search the Chrome Web Store for New Web Apps?

There’s the Windows Store in Windows 8 and Windows Phone, the App Store in OS X and iOS, and Google Play on Android. Everyone knows where to install apps these days, and it usually doesn’t entail browsing the internet to find an installer. You check the app store on your platform, find what you want, and install. Easy.

On the web, it’s not quite so easy … unless you use the Chrome Web Store. The app store of sorts built into Google’s browser, the Chrome Web Store gives you an easy place to find web apps that’ll work on any computer from your browser. Of course, they’ll only be “installable” in Chrome, but usually they’re real web apps that you could use in any browser, so it gives you a great place to find web apps no matter what browser you prefer to use.

Do you use the Chrome Web Store to find new web apps? Or do you just rely on reviews and recommendations from our site and others for new web apps to try out? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Chrome Web Store in the comments below!