Weekly Poll: Do You Ever Send eCards?

eCards. If you’ve used email for any length of time, you’ve surely seen at least a handful of eCards, ranging from static image cards to an animated Flash card with a short message from your loved one at the end. Paper cards and postage have gotten so expensive, and most eCards are free, so it seemed like the perfect swap. Except for the fact, of course, that the sites were often cluttered and filled with ads. We’ve rounded up some of the best sites to send free eCards, but 2 years later, eCards honestly feel a bit stale.

Then, social networking came along. Facebook automatically reminds us of birthdays, and Facebook events let us know when other special events are coming up. Now, instead of remembering to send an email, we can just post a quick message right to friends’ Facebook walls without even leaving the front page of Facebook. And hey, you can read Facebook messages on your phone, but most Flash cards wouldn’t work on a smartphone or tablet.

Something seems just a bit impersonal about these digital cards and messages. Perhaps it’s because they’re pre-made, or that Facebook automatically reminds you about events so it doesn’t even take thought. Or maybe it’s that giving something digital still doesn’t seem quite right. But many people still prefer to get a paper card or letter, or at least a personal email that took some time and thought. And, paper cards are back in vogue even for app fanatics, as Apple released a new cards app for iOS that lets you send paper cards from your smartphone.

Today’s Valentine’s day, and many people around the world will be sending sweet txt messages, Facebook posts, emails, and eCards to their sweethearts. So I was wondering: will you be sending eCards, today or for other special events this year? A premade Flash eCard, or a more personal email that takes a bit more thought?

It’s the thought that counts … but you just might want to make sure you put enough thought into it!