Weekly Poll: Did You Use Web Apps More in 2011?

2011 has been a rather big year in the world of apps. Tons of our favorite web apps like Google Docs have gotten major refreshes, while the proliferation of mobile apps with integrations into Dropbox, Pinboard, Instapaper, and more have made these web apps even more indispensable than ever. I’ve found myself staying in the browser more than ever, and the number of web apps I use has made switching to a Mac (or, for that matter, using Linux) easier for me than it every would have been a decade ago.

That said, native apps are growing in popularity again. The App Store on OS X and all mobile operating systems have fueled an explosion in apps, and the days of sticking with a few mainstay apps for everything are long over. Many of us enjoy looking for new apps on App Stores, to the horror of our wallets.

So, with all the buzz for both web apps and native apps this year, where have you found yourself spending the most time? Are you using newer web apps more, or have native apps pulled you back? We’d love to hear your favorite app of the year!

By the way, Happy New Years from the AppStorm team!