Weekly Poll: Did You Do Any Black Friday Shopping Online?

Online shopping is far from unusual these days. If anything, it’s more unusual to not shop online. Even on the one day that you can convince people to get out of bed and wait in line for deals at stores, more people than ever are doing their shopping on Black Friday online.

This year, IBM found that online sales on Black Friday increased 20% over last year. If anything, the only time online shopping was unusual was when it was from a desktop or laptop, with 24% of people shopping from a mobile device and 10% from a tablet. From comparison pricing in-store with a smartphone to looking up potential sales before leaving the house to buying an eBook on sell anywhere without going to a store, online shopping is at an all-time high, even on America’s favorite day to go shopping.

That’s why we’re curious about how you did your Black Friday shopping. Did you snag a few online deals, or did you check deals online before heading out to brave the crowds? Did you use any web apps to help you find the best prices? Or would you still rather leave the tech at home and go shopping the old fashioned way? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!