Web-based Desktop Utilities

There are those tools that blur the lines between the desktop and the web. Many web applications have started to interact more tightly with the operating system on your computer, and there have been some recent desktop utilities that do the same but in reverse.

For Mac OS X, there are two great new tools in development that look to make collaboration easier. But rather than make you log into a web page to do this, they are intended to work right from the desktop. Earlier this week, our sister site Mac.AppStorm gave an early preview of the app Droplr, which is currently in beta. A tool intended to make sharing files and URLs as simple as possible, Droplr is focused on taking a few steps out of that process.

Another tool in the same vein is Cloud. Also in beta, it has very similar features and is also for OS X users. It’s hard to know where exactly to cover some tools that are used to integrate the web closely with the desktop. So, time for a quick Web.AppStorm user poll:

  1. Would you like to see these kinds of tools covered here? Or do they fit better on Mac.AppStorm?
  2. And are there similar tools in development for Windows users?

If you have some thoughts on these questions, leave a comment! I’d love to hear the thoughts of the readers on this subject.