Thanks to the Web.AppStorm Weekly Sponsors

We’d like to say a big thanks to our inaugural Web.AppStorm Sponsors. We just opened our weekly sponsorship program the beginning of April, and have already had a number of amazing apps sponsoring our site. If you would like to feature your app on our site with an advertisement, be sure to check out our available slots on BuySellAds or register for a weekly sponsorship for your app.

If you haven’t already checked out our the great apps that sponsored our site last month, be sure to check them out now!

BatchGeo Pro

Sometimes, you need more than just plain Google Maps. Whether you’re wanting to plot thousands of locations on a map, print high resolution maps, or quickly geocode addresses, you’ll need a more advanced mapping system. BatchGeo Pro is one of the best options when you need more advanced mapping options, a tool that’s already trusted by many businesses for their advanced mapping needs.


Finding our more about your website audience through advanced analytics can be time consuming, confusing, and costly. But there’s no reason you should have to struggle without the knowledge that you could use to make your site better. UserReport is a simpler app for finding advanced info automatically about your site, then lets you dig deeper with targeted surveys for your audience. Best of all, it’s free for now!


You’ve got the best chance to actually score new customers when they’re visiting your site, but usually, you’d have no idea when people are looking at your site. If they have problems, they’ll just go away without getting help. HelpOnClick helps you make sure this doesn’t happen to your customers by giving you a built-in chat box right on your site, so users can get help and perhaps become customers before they click away.

And a special thanks to you, our readers, for reading and sharing our articles. We hope you truly find our articles interesting and helpful!

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