Thanks to the Web.AppStorm Weekly Sponsors

We’d like to say a big thanks to our June Web.AppStorm Sponsors. We’ve already had many great apps sponsoring our site since we opened our weekly sponsor program, and are looking forward to seeing more great web apps sponsoring Web.AppStorm. If you would like to feature your app on our site with an advertisement, be sure to check out our available slots on BuySellAds or register for a weekly sponsorship for your app.

If you haven’t already checked out our the great apps that sponsored our site last month, be sure to check them out now!


The world’s largest social network is a great place to spread the word about your business and keep your customers and fans up to date about your latest offerings. However, it can be difficult to do that using the default tools Facebook provides. When your business wants to start taking Facebook marketing seriously, AgoraPulse just might be the tool you need. You can learn more about your fans, manage comments and messages, schedule posts, add new apps to your Facebook Page, and more, all from this great app.


Selling stuff online shouldn’t be that difficult, but it can often be quite a challenge getting a high-quality eCommerce site setup. From integrating with a payment processor and shipping service to making sure everything is secure, there’s a lot of things to get right. AmberCart simplifies the process by letting you just add a bit of code into your site to integrate their full-featured shopping cart into your site. Setting it up is easy, and once it’s done, you can get back to making the things you make best instead of worrying about selling the stuff you’ve made!

And a special thanks to you, our readers, for reading and sharing our articles. We truly hope you find our articles interesting and helpful!

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