Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: TeamWox

Our sponsor this week is TeamWox, an online groupware system to help you optimize your business. It can fit your business’ exact needs with a number of modules for everything you could want.

TeamWox can help you manage your standard collaboration needs, with calendar, messaging, task management, and more. It can then help you manage documents and files, right in the same tool. Add in advanced business tools like CRM, HR management, IP PBX tools, and a service desk, and you’ve got many of the tools your business will need to stay connected and productive online.

Best of all, it can work the way you want it to. You can run it on your own servers for free with up to 10 users, or license it for your whole company. Or, you can make use of TeamWox’s servers, and use their SaaS version for just $15/user/month. No matter if you’re looking for a cloud service or want the security of your own systems, TeamWox has you covered, with the features you need the way you want them.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been looking for groupware solution for your company, be sure to give TeamWox a try. It’s free to run on your own servers for up to 10 users, and the SaaS version only costs $15/user/month, and has a free 2 month trial. Or, you can try out a fully functional demo TeamWox account for free. It’s definitely worth trying out to see if it’s the collaboration system your company needs.

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