Thanks to our Weekly Sponsor: Mojo Helpdesk

Our sponsor this week is Mojo Helpdesk. Manage a helpdesk? Struggling to centralize, organize, and assign support requests? Get your mojo back by trying Mojo Helpdesk for free today.

You’ll find it easier to manage your support tickets with the simplicity of a helpdesk app designed with a “Google-y” interface. You can sign-in with your Google Apps account and integrate it with your Gmail and Drive workflow. You can even integrate it with Chrome with the Mojo Helpdesk Launcher. Best of all, you can manage tickets directly from your inbox with Mojo’s clever email integration. You’ll never lose track of another ticket again, since Mojo’s text-based search tool will help you find everything you need. Now if we could only teach it to find the remote.

If it’s the little things that matter, Mojo Helpdesk has plenty of those, too. You can use your own domain name for your online support center. Everything will be kept secure with SSL and 256-bit data encryption, along with Google’s own account security options for your single sign-on. Mojo Helpdesk has a built-in tool to track response time and user satisfaction, and lets you design your own ticket forms to include fields for anything you need.

Go Get It!

Ready to get started managing your business with Mojo Helpdesk? You can signup for a free 30 day trial directly from their site, or from the Google Apps Marketplace. Accounts then start at $24/month.

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