Thanks to our Weekly Sponsor: Harvest

Our sponsor this week is Harvest, the leading web-based time tracking and invoicing application relied on by creative businesses in over 100 countries. If you’re needing a robust way to track your team’s time and make high-quality invoices online or from almost any smartphone, Harvest might be just the perfect thing for you.

Harvest is incredibly simple to use, with a clean interface and accurate time tracker that makes it easy to track what you and your team are working on. You can quickly understand where your team’s time is going with visual reports, or drill deeper to analyze your time spent on projects and find uninvoiced time. It’ll even help you communicate better with your clients, with professional estimates and invoices sent automatically when your projects are completed. It even works for more than just tracking time: you can keep up with receipts and expenses on projects, and invoice clients for everything together.

Then, Harvest works great wherever you work. It integrates seamlessly with other web apps you likely already use, including Google Apps, Basecamp Classic, Zendesk, QuickBooks, WordPress, and more. It also has native Mac, iOS, and Android apps so you can easily track time on any of your devices. You could even use its API and libraries to integrate Harvest directly into your own internal apps.

Go Get It!

Time is money, and keeping better track of the time your team spends on client work can quickly pay for itself and more. You can try out Harvest for free with a 30 day trial, and then start keeping better track of your time and make better invoices starting at just $12/month. If you’re working on your own for only a couple clients, you could even use Harvest’s Free Forever plan to track your time and more for free.

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