Thanks to our Weekly Sponsor: DoneDone

Our weekly sponsor this week is DoneDone: the simple, effective issue tracker. If your team’s been struggling to keep track of software and website bugs, DoneDone is a great way to get everyone organized.

DoneDone keeps the entire team informed by creating a centralized location for bugs, issues, ideas, support tickets, files, and team communication. From keeping tabs on design and planning tasks to sharing screenshots during testing, DoneDone helps everyone stay on-task and on-time. If you’re a developer, you can also sync up with DoneDone via Git and SVN using either Github or Beanstalk.

Once your project has shipped, you can still use DoneDone to keep the momentum going. Tag issues to label which bugs need to be fixed first, and keep up with customer support issues using DoneDone’s real-time notifications and updates.

Go Get It!

If your team is still using spreadsheets, sticky notes, and email to keep track of bugs, ideas, and feature requests, then you should start using DoneDone. Your clients will understand it and your programming team will thank you for it.

You can try it out for 30 days for free, and if you only need 3 active users keep using DoneDone for free. As your team grows so can your DoneDone plan, starting at just $15/month.

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