Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Comindware Tracker

Our sponsor this week is Comindware Tracker, a web-based collaborative work management software. It’s now a fully cloud-based service, so you can use it to help get your team working together without having to install anything on your server.

Comindware Tracker is an advanced collaborative suite that includes tons of features to help teams of any size visually design their workflow, keep track of tasks, automatically create next-step tasks from your workflow, communicate privately, and more. You’ll be able to keep everything together, and make communications more streamlined with workflows and more.

In our recent review, we rated it highly as a polished piece of software, but found the price and licensing as major hurdles for its adoption. Now, though, you can get your team started with the cloud version of Comindware Tracker starting at $16.25/user/month. That makes it much more approachable for all sizes of businesses.

Go Get It!

Ready to start automating your team’s workflow and keeping track of everything in one interface? Sounds like it’s time to give Comindware Tracker a try. You can try out a free demo of Comindware Tracker Cloud online, then signup your team starting at $16.25/user/month.

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