Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Bitrix24

Our sponsor this week is Bitrix24, a new cloud-based social intranet to help your whole team work together, seamlessly. You can manage your tasks and projects, see what everyone’s doing, store files, chat, store customer info, and more, all in one powerful app.

Employees today are already used to using social networks to share what’s going on with their lives and schedule events together. Bitrix24 brings the modern design and features your employees expect to your company’s intranet, making it as easy to let your coworkers know what you’re working on as it is to update your status on Facebook. You’ll be able to quickly browse a stream of updates to see what’s going on, and can even privately message, chat, share pictures, like others’ posts, and more, in a simple social network layout.

Bitrix24 also includes more traditional business tools for project management, CRM, document sharing, and more, all with the same great interface. You’ll be able to easily track time spent on projects, create employee reports, save meeting briefs, create your company’s structure, find employee contact info, and more, all in the same app. Rather than using multiple web apps for all the tools your company needs, you can use Bitrix24 to keep everything together and make your team more efficient.

Go get it!

If you’ve been looking for a great way to bring your whole team together with a social intranet, Bitrix24 might be just what you’ve needed. You can signup for a Basic account for free if your team only has up to 12 people, or you can get unlimited users and more features starting at $99/month.

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