Thanks to Our Sponsor: sizzlepig

Resizing images for your design work is a pain at best. You’ll likely need to use multiple sizes and aspect ratios of the same photos throughout your web designs, but manually tweaking each picture is too much trouble and simple bulk cropping will leave you with weirdly cut-off pictures. That’s why the brand-new sizzlepig is so amazing.

sizzlepig is a cloud-based tool that allows you to resize entire folders of images to unlimited sizes. No scripts, no guesswork. Scale, crop, name, compress, fine-tune, edit and preview, before your final images are ever created. No more excuses (sorry, but it’s not ok to cut off someone’s head in a photo because of a CMS).

Need lots of different sizes for lots of devices? sizzlepig scales to handle unlimited sizes, perfect for projects that demand pixel perfect images for mobile, desktop, tablet and more!

sizzlepig syncs with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your workflow. Plus, if you ever need to add new images or replace old ones, sizzlepig saves all your settings. It automates your digital production projects and can cut your timelines over traditional batch script processes.

sizzlepig is the way to crop and scale photos in a way that no other desktop app can do. It lets you customize and process a lot of images in a lot of sizes quickly, with a true visual reference, in a way that’s at once totally different from and far better than the mass resizing we’ve all been forced to accept and expect.

Start Using sizzlepig This Week!

sizzlepig will save you hours of frustrating resizing and cropping — or trying to get your batch scripts to work right — and it won’t break the bank, either. You can use it to resize up to 100 pictures for free, and then get all the resizing you need done starting at $10/month.

Your designers, photographers, and everyone else who cares how images look in your designs will thank you.

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