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If you’re reading this, you’re among the 76% of team leaders who already know that improving employee experience is the best way to drive company culture and revenue. Taking time to give team members the public recognition and awards they’ve earned has never been easily possible — until now.

ONOR is the first app that enables teams to instantly encourage, share, and create thriving culture on any device, anywhere.

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From experience, we know happy employees are 31% more productive, post 37% higher sales, miss 15 fewer days of work each year, and are 10X more engaged than their unhappy counterparts. ONOR allows your company to authentically create these supercharged team members — without losing precious hours each day.

ONOR is developed on scientific research. Creating happy team members requires a sustainable mixture of positive verbal feedback and tangible public awards. That’s exactly what ONOR enables teams to do, plus more!

Managers and team members all contribute, add photos/videos, “like”, comment, and publicly acknowledge everyone in the group, while getting the most out of each hour. ONOR allows admins to create awards based on point totals or timelines; it’s simple and establishes a fair, automated system of tangible incentives within your team.

Large organizations can share privately within their network. Companies can assign individuals into smaller units, so recognition is seen by those who matter most: peer workgroups. ONOR combines science and socializing together like never before to engage and motivate every member of the team.

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