Thanks to Our Sponsor: LiveTweetApp

Have you ever wanted to integrate Twitter in real-time in your presentations, or perhaps on a team monitor screen in your office? There’s so many ways you can put the live data from Twitter to use for your events and more, if only you have a simple and elegant way to display it. That’s what LiveTweetApp, our sponsor this week, brings to the table.

LiveTweetApp helps you search, moderate and display tweets on a big screen during an event. Tweets get directly displayed as a Twitter Wall either one a time, or as a poster, where tweets sit next to each other. Your live tweet display fits into each event with the customization of colors and logo.

However, we think automatic Twitter Walls aren’t suitable for every context. That’s where moderation comes in. LiveTweetApp includes this important feature so you can easily go through each aggregated tweet and select the ones you want to approve or reject. Or, you can create automated walls that show new tweets automatically, unmoderated. It’s your choice, so your LiveTweetApp tweet wall will work the way you want.

Track Live Tweets Yourself!

Ready to create your own Live Tweet wall? You can create a LiveTweetApp account for free and start grabbing tweets from many hashtags, mentions and users as you like and can display up 30 at the same time. Then, you can upgrade your account for 72 hours at a time starting at 19€ so you’ll just pay for premium features when you’re doing an event, or you can get a monthly account.

Best of all, if you’ve tried out LiveTweetApp and want to get a pro pack, you can get 50% off the pro pack by entering the coupon code APPSTORM this week. And hurry: the deal is only good for the first 500 users.

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