Thanks to our Sponsor: Evver

There’s more ways than ever to share short videos now, from Instagram and Flickr’s videos to Vine. But what about the tons of pictures you’ve taken? You can’t share them all to Instagram, and if you put them on Facebook most people won’t see them all. How about just turn them into a quick video instead with Evver, our sponsor this week?

Evver is a brand-new way that’ll turn your pictures into a beautiful video slideshow in only a couple minutes. Just signup with your email or Facebook account, select one of the many songs it has ready to include in your video, then drag-and-drop your photos into the editor. Rearrange them to the order you want, then click Done. Seconds later, you’ll have a complete video just like the one below, ready to share with your family and friends.

Your photos will be synced to the music and will include Ken Burns-style transitions. With the beautiful music tracks included in Evver, your photos will quickly go from normal shots to unforgettable memories of your event or trip. Instead of a few seconds of video that you’d get with Vine or Instagram Videos, Evver gives you a full song-length video that’s perfect to capture the most of your trip’s pictures.

Best of all, Evver’s 100% free, so you can make all the videos you want and share them with all of your friends. You’ve got to try it out!

Keep Your Memories for-Evver

Here’s your chance to try out Evver and see how simple it really is to turn your pictures into a video you’ll want to share. Just head over to, signup for a free account, and see what you can do with some of your best summer photos. We’d love to see the videos you make with Evver in the comments below!

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