Thanks to Our Sponsor: 87 seconds

Ever wanted a better way to show off your app or service? So many startups these days have beautifully animated intros for their apps and tutorials about how they work, but making your own seems way too difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. 87 seconds, our sponsor this week, has a brand-new web app that lets you collaborate with their team to make the perfect animated video for your business.

87 seconds offers you far more than just a design service that’ll make a video. Instead, their app lets you take the director’s seat and guide their creative team to make the best video for your app or service. You’ll be able to add your project details, choose a design style for your video, pick a scenario to use in the demo, and pick exactly how you want the voice over and music to sound. You’ll even be able to specify changes after the video has been finished, so it looks and sounds just like you want. When it’s all done, you’ll have the perfect video about your app to share and hopefully go viral!

The 87 seconds team of 10 designers and a network of script writers and narrators have already helped over 40 companies make impressive animated videos for their apps and services. They’re ready to take on your project, no matter what language or accent you need. Be sure to check out their video portfolio to see the great videos they’ve already made. With their new online collaboration tool, they’re just what your startup needs to get the perfect animated video that’ll make people want to try out your app.

Get an Animated Video for your App Today!

Whether you want a simple video to introduce your app to the world, or want to make a whole series of animated tutorials to help your users get the most out of your app, 87 seconds is ready to take on your project. You can order exactly what you need in your video, starting at 1790 €.

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