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Knowing how many people visit your site each day isn’t enough every more. You need to know about the people behind those pageviews, see what they’re clicking, and find what’s working (and what’s not) in your app or site. That’s why you should try out FoxMetrics. It’s an advanced analytics app that ties your customers with their actions on your site so you’ll see more than just pageviews. It’ll tell you who visited when, where, and why, in simple reports that you can easily understand and use to make business decisions.


Want a web app that’s flexible enough to work with the needs your business’ data needs? Then you might want to try out TeamDesk. TeamDesk is web-based database software that enables teams to easily design web-based database applications or use predefined solutions to gather, share and manage business information. It’s almost like building a custom Access app for your business, except this time, it’s online and everyone can use it together.


Cloudswave might be just what you’re looking for if you want to find great deals on web apps, or want to promote your web app. It’s a site dedicated to deals for web apps, with generous discounts on subscriptions to some of the most popular web apps. It also has bundles of web apps, letting you get a ton of new premium web apps for a great price.

Atmail Cloud

Looking for a new hosted email solution for your team? Atmail Cloud is the service you should check into. It’s the new cloud-based version of the great Atmail software, letting you use one of the best webmail interfaces on your own domain without having to deal with running your own email servers. We found it to be a great hosted email solution in our recent review of Atmail Cloud, one that has both great web apps and also works great with native email apps.

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