Todoist: A Web App That’s Better Than Its Native Apps

App Stores are overflowing with native apps for the web apps we’ve grown to love: Facebook, Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, WordPress, and more. It’s sometimes hard to choose between using a native app for a web service, and just opening it in another tab. Many of us end up downloading native apps for some of our web apps, as we found in this week’s poll, but sometimes, it’s just better to use the web app.

That’s what Mac.AppStorm writer Reid Leamaster found with his favorite task management app, Todoist. It’s a great todo list app that’s gotten even better since our last review, and he’s come to rely on it for his to-dos. The Todoist team recently made a new Mac app, but he found that the original web app was more powerful, and switched back to using it in Flow, an app-specific browser for the Mac.

Now there’s a nice new Mac app … wait, that’s a web app?!?

Head over to Mac.AppStorm to see how Reid uses Fluid to make Todoist’s web app even better, and if you have a Mac, be sure to try out using Fluid to turn web apps into native-like apps. On a PC, you can do much the same with Chrome’s Application Shortcuts.