Vote for the 2nd Round of Our Disqus Pro Giveaway!

Our Disqus Pro Giveaway is now closed. Thanks everyone for entering and voting! We’re excited to announce that won a free year of Disqus Pro, with an overwhelming 52.8% of the votes, while won a free 6 months of Disqus Pro with 29.6% of the votes. Congratulations, and we hope these sites find Disqus Pro useful over the coming months!

Last week, we featured a review of Disqus Pro’s new features, and launched a giveaway with 2 free Disqus Pro accounts for our readers. Disqus Pro has many features that can enhance your site’s community spirit and increase your feedback on articles. We got a number of great entries for our giveaway, so we’re now back with the second part of our giveaway.

This time, we’ve included a list of all of the sites entered in the contest with a brief description of their site. Feel free to check them out, and then come back and vote for the site you’d like to see win our Disqus Pro giveaway. If you really like a site, share this article’s link and get your friends to vote to give them a better chance. The site with the most votes by midnight on Friday, December 16 CST will win a free year Disqus Pro subscription, while the one with the second most votes will win a free 6 month Disqus Pro subscription.

Here’s the sites:

  • – An upcoming ExpressionEngine powered portfolio site that wants a great comment system for debate on all things related to design
  • – A Turkish blog by Barış Ünver, who contributed to the Turkish translation of the Disqus WordPress plugin
  • – David’s new blog has yet to be finished, but he wants to use a customized theme with Disqus on his site
  • – A design studio that wants to use Disqus Pro with their growing audiance
  • – A tech blog that’s already using the free Disqus comment system, and wants to get more community interaction
  • – A Filipino political blog with a growing number of commenters, which wants to be able to reward them for intelligent discussion
  • – A blog about fabulous existence on a budget that would like a more professional design for their comments
  • – A blog about Parkour with an upcoming new design

Which one do you want to see win? Make your selection above, then check back later this week to see who won!

Editor’s Note: We had some voting discrepancies in the original Google Docs-powered poll, so we’ve replaced it as of 2AM Wednesday CST with a Polldaddy poll that should make sure all entries are genuine. If you voted when this article first went online, feel free to vote again for your favorite site now.