Try Concept Feedback With This Giveaway

Just yesterday we took a look at Concept Feedback, an app similar to Dribbble. In our review, which you should checkout, we gave the app a 9/10 with potential to grow and now’s your chance to give this awesome app a try!

The Concept Feedback team was generous enough to offer our readers 3 Mainstream Premium Concepts and 3 Mainstream Private Feedback subscriptions, each of which boast some pretty great features. Entry is simple and this app is most definitely worth trying, so read on for more details.

Concept Feedback Review

If you missed our review of Concept Feedback yesterday, be sure to check that out. I was pleasantly surprised by the app and I think it’s something that could be tremendously beneficial to many of our readers.


Concept Feedback is simple; upload your work, get professional feedback and improve your work to get better results. The main difference between Concept Feedback and Dribbble is that the former has taken a more professional approach, rather than such a “playful” one.

Concept Feedback Home

Concept Feedback Home

Concept Feedback currently has over 7,000 community members covering everything from web design and development to usability and marketing experts.


One of the biggest differences between Dribbble and Concept Feedback is its pricing. Concept Feedback will come at a price if you want guaranteed reviews and other additional features. They still, however, offer a Free option “for the starving artist”.



The pricing page shown above can be viewed after sign up (quick and free) or viewing their help page.

Starting at $10 per posted concept (concept = your work), you’ll receive additional traffic to your concept and it will be posted immediately. A step up guarantees that your concept will receive 5 reviews and several other very desirable benefits. So, is $10+ per posted concept worth it? I think so. If you’re a serious designer, you’ll be serious about seeking quality feedback and $25 can be a microscopic fraction of a total design’s value, yet can be the difference between a satisfied or unhappy client. According to their statistics, the benefits outweigh the costs.



Giveaway Details

Concept Feedback has generously offered six fantastic prizes to give away to six of our lucky readers.

  • 3 Mainstream Premium Concepts (each a $25 value)
  • 3 Mainstream Private Feedback subscriptions (each a $300 value)


Though we clearly like Concept Feedback, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the app. To enter, simply leave a comment stating what you like most about the app or how a give away prize would benefit you or your team. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced Friday, July 23rd.

Please Note: Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles for are ineligible to enter.