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If you’re a freelancer, writing up quotes and proposals for your potential clients can end up being quite a bit of work. Today, we’ve got an interview with the team from Quote Roller, who’ve made it their job to make confusing quotes and proposals a thing of the past. They’ve come to the US, done client work, and are now using their experience to make client work easier for others.

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Tell us a bit about the Quote Roller team: when did you get started, where are you located, and what motivates your team?

Everything started in University, where both of Quote Roller founders played in the same band. Serge was a drummer and I was a base. Later, I moved to the US and started a small web design business. It turned that I had more work then I can handle myself so we started as a small web design firm doing custom projects for various clients and building little extensions for content management systems.

Over time this, we always dreamed about a startup, wanted to build something valuable and helpful. However, we were short on money, time, and more. The biggest challenge working as a service company is that this business model doesn’t really scale. Besides, you are always doing what others have in their minds. But, hey, we’ve got some ideas too and always wanted to implement them.

The Quote Roller team at their office in Minsk

What was the inspiration for Quote Roller?

It once happened that we had a really busy month. Serge had to create a sales proposal every day. We had ActiveCollab for project management, Google Apps for emails, Highrise for CRM, Freshbooks for invoicing, but still had to write proposals in old-fashioned way. And it turned that proposals made in Word don’t look the way we want them to look. That is why we thought, hey, there are thousands companies just like us. Why not change the way sales proposals are being sent, accepted and collaborated on, adopting the whole process to Web 2.0 standards?

Why did you decide to make Quote Roller a web app rather than a traditional desktop app?

We all can see that cloud-based apps rock. To me, the main reasons for it are focus, simplicity, and ease of use. We wanted to build something simple, beautiful, and easy to use, and to us, web apps cover those bases the best. That is why we’ve chosen web app over desktop.

Why would you need a dedicated quote app? Wouldn’t a document app like Google Docs be sufficient?

Sales quotes are the first documents that you send over to the client. It is the second thing you are being judged on right after your website. Therefore, it is important that your sales quote stands out from the competition. You need it to be branded. Google Docs don’t make you look as professional as Quote Roller does. But there are many other features that are important to mention:

  • Clients don’t have to create a Quote Roller account like they do with Google Docs (you won’t want to turn them off)
  • You get a notification once the client opens the document.
  • Quote Roller even gives you statistics on what do they click on when they open it
  • Clients can accept the proposal and sign it online in Quote Roller

What have you learned from building Quote Roller as a web app?

Building a startup and a web application like Quote Roller, we’ve learned a lot of things. We had a bunch of assumptions that never came true and found that there is no better opinion than customer feedback. And it is better to analyze first and only then build rather then build and then analyze.

Quote Roller uses a canvas background similar to the one used in iOS and OS X Lion. Do you like the increased popularity of textures?

Oh yeah, that is our favorite topic. We put a lot of efforts and work in designing Quote Roller. Our public site uses canvas similar to recent used in Mac OS, though, it is quite different. We reworked the texture. And, yes, we love the textures. By the way, the background of your application and proposals made in Quote Roller could be changed to anything you want from within your account.

What are some web apps that your team loves and uses on a regular basis?

We try to follow new moves in the web apps world. Here are few we frequently use: Mailchimp, LiveChat, Chargify, CapsuleCRM, ActiveCollab, RedMine, and many others.

Do you have any upcoming features you could share with our readers?

Soon we’ll release integrations with SalesForce, QuickBooks, RightSignature, and other big players. Besides, we’ll add an ability to create and process not just sales proposals but also NDA’s, agreements, invoices and other business documents. Stay tuned via twitter @quoteroller and our blog at We’ve got an iPad app coming soon also!

Thanks, Mikita!

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Mikita from Quote Roller for taking the time to do this interview with us. It’s always neat to hear developers’ thoughts about their apps and the potential for them. If you’ve been looking for an app to do quotes, be sure to check out our review of Quote Roller for more info on this nicely designed quotes web app!

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