Concept Feedback Giveaway Winners

The Concept Feedback team was generous enough to offer our readers 3 Mainstream Premium Concepts and 3 Mainstream Private Feedback subscriptions, each of which boast some pretty great features. Here are our six winners!

Concept Feedback Review

If you missed our review of Concept Feedback, be sure to check that out. I was pleasantly surprised by the app and I think it’s something that could be tremendously beneficial to many of our readers.

Concept Feedback Home

Concept Feedback Home

Concept Feedback currently has over 7,000 community members covering everything from web design and development to usability and marketing experts.


Here are our six, randomly selected, lucky winners.

3 Mainstream Private Feedback subscriptions

  • Benjamin Charity
  • Clint
  • Maximilian

3 Mainstream Premium Concepts

  • Tom Walters
  • tonyc
  • Trevor Harmon

Thanks for participating everyone and a huge thanks to the Concept Feedback team for sponsoring this giveaway.