Christmas Giveaway Day 23: Campaign Monitor

Anyone who has spent time looking into the various email campaign web applications will be familiar with the big names: Emma, Mailchimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor. All are good tools — and good companies.

When you need to decide on which product would suit you the best, you have to look a little closer to see if there are any differentiating factors to sway your decision. Campaign Monitor has done so in that they targeted their product squarely at designers.

Update: Thanks for participating folks — and for the great comments. There were some thoughtful mentions for a lot of great apps. After looking things over, here are the 4 winners:

  • Dave Smay
  • Chris Powell
  • Jordan
  • Frederic Soler

Enjoy your stylish t-shirts!

About Campaign Monitor

This application is aimed at designers — whether they are using email marketing themselves or handling that aspect of business for their own customers. And this is a tool that is powerful in features, while at the same time, very nice to look at.

Another great example of form AND function.

Another great example of form AND function.

And the crew at Freshview — the company behind Campaign Monitor — are so confident in their product that they’ve built it so that their customers can completely rebrand it and sell it as their own product. Email marketing apps such as AshWebMail, Breeze, and selectmailer are all in fact Campaign Monitor wrapped in a custom interface.

A web 2.0 company who takes care of their people.

A web 2.0 company who takes care of their people.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dave Greiner (co-founder) over the past year and I can say that this is a company with great people. And a great dash of personality.

So far, all of our prizes have been memberships. That changes today (and tomorrow). Rather than give some credit towards a Campaign Monitor, Dave has contributed some of the amazing CM t-shirts. These are not even available for sale, but are given to customers for being awesome.

And we’ve got four of these great shirts to give away today.

How to Enter

If you’d like to sport one of these customer tees, leave a comment. Mention a web 2.0 company that you love and why you love them — bonus points for comments that explain how the company has become more than just an organization to you and show their personality. Winners will be announced at the end of the day!

And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 22 — enjoy ccText!

And Over at Mac.AppStorm: DEVONthink

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of DEVONthink.

DEVONthink stores your documents, scanned papers, email messages, notes, bookmarks, etc. in one place. It has powerful search facilities, and a whole host of different ways to import your data into the application. It’s quick and easy to find a workflow that fits your process.

Read more and enter the competition

Come Back for Day 24 – The Grand Finale

We’re almost there. Thanks to everyone for contributing over the month — it’s been a blast. And make sure you tune in tomorrow morning as we announce our grand prize. It includes software, hardware and some extra goodies — over $1000 in value all told.

See you tomorrow!