Christmas Giveaway Day 21: SpiderOak

Anyone using a computer for more than a couple of years no how fragile your data really is. The only safety is redundancy. This holds even more true when it involves your livelihood. And to achieve redundancy, you need two things: a good plan and good tools.

Today’s giveaway could help on the second of those two items.

Update: Obviously, a lot of people are looking for good backup solutions. Glad to see such a great response for this product. Here are the three lucky winners of a lifetime membership for SpiderOak:

  • Alan Neese
  • Windy Phillips
  • Lisa Thorn

Enjoy the prize! And keep coming back — be sure to check out the grand prize on Thursday. Someone will be having an extra merry Christmas!

About SpiderOak

A good overall backup plan needs two things: automation (because you’ll never stay on top manually) and off site storage. SpiderOak can help with both.

How does free for life sound?

How does free for life sound?

This application includes a client for all major operating systems, each of which interacts with the online client for syncing and storage. It also allows for the sharing of files — giving you multiple options for accessing and sharing your date with family and friends.

How to Enter

Does all that interest you? If it does, let me know in the comments. We’ve got three free Pro accounts to giveaway — and these are not for just one year. These are lifetime memberships.

The winners will be announced at the end of the day! And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 20 — enjoy Lighthouse!

And Over at Mac.AppStorm: Bento

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of Bento.

Bento is a highly regarded “personal database” application for OS X, allowing you to keep track of almost anything you can imagine. From your book collection to a summary of potential new apartments – it’s useful for a whole range of different needs.

Read more and enter the competition

Come Back for Day 22

It doesn’t stop here — we’re that much closer to the grand prize. The giving continues each day until our grand finale on the 24th. Tune in each day for the newest prize and keep up to date with our RSS feed or Twitter account.