Christmas Giveaway Day 20: Lighthouse

When it comes to building software — for any platform or medium — you need to keep track of the issues and bugs in your product. And you’re probably better off not keeping track of these things in your inbox or a Word document. You need the right tool for the job.

Today’s giveaway prize is one such tool.

Update: Thanks again for everyone who participated. I hope these three lucky winners can improve their development process with this great tool:

  • Steve Robillard
  • Insanedreamer
  • Pierre

To everyone who didn’t win, we’ve got one more week of great prizes. Be sure to check in Thursday for the grand finale.

About Lighthouse

Designed to “help you keep track of your project development”, Lighthouse is intended to help you see the big picture and the details at all phases of the design cycle.

Stay on top with this great tool.

Stay on top with this great tool.

With this application you can set project goals, organize your tickets, and work with the app from your email inbox. It also features tags, saved searches and plays nicely with code repositories like Beanstalk and GitHub.

It’s a solid tool for any development team.

How to Enter

Let us know what you’re working on in the comments. And mention how Lighthouse can help you and your team. The winners will be announced at the end of the day!

And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 19 — enjoy Ballpark guys.

And Over at Mac.AppStorm: Hazel

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of Hazel.

Hazel has a fully rule-based engine, which can be used for creating powerful workflows to automatically organize and process your files. If you’re a fan of a tidy, organized Mac, this useful app can be a real life-saver.

Read more and enter the competition

Come Back for Day 21

It doesn’t stop here. The giving continues each day until our grand finale on the 24th. Tune in each day for the newest prize and keep up to date with our RSS feed or Twitter account.