Christmas Giveaway Day 10:

Automated reminder applications are a bit of a fetish for me, so it’s no surprise that we’ve had a few posts and prizes in this genre over the past months. And from what I’ve seen, is one of the best options available in this category. With multiple points of entry and multiple ways to receive your reminders, it will work for most web workers.

And today we’re giving away 5 free one year Pro accounts.

Update: Once again, the response for these prizes has been overwhelming. It’s great to see these great tools getting good exposure.

Here are the five winners for the Task.FM Pro accounts:

  • @whatley
  • @_dom – Domanique Alicia
  • @adaddah – Azzeddine Daddah
  • @zeropulsar
  • @kristin_huntley – Kirstin Huntley

Thanks everyone!


“Oursource your memory” is the slogan behind this app. And it’s a good one — that’s exactly what these types of services should allow you to do. Any good GTD’er knows that you need to have a system in place to track and remind you of the little things in your life so your mind can be free to focus on the big things.

Everyone can use a virtual assistant these days.

Everyone can use a virtual assistant these days.

There are not a lot of bells and whistles with this application — you simply create reminders. You a few options on how to do that, but in the end, it’s simply about getting the details out of your head.

Our Look/Review at

Late last month, I wrote about how to use as your virtual assistant. And indeed, the service can fit the bill.

For those familiar with GTD, think of Task.FM as the backbone of your digital tickler file. Create your reminders and then forget about them.

Due to the multiple modes of entry and reception, is flexible — and similar to having an assistant to whom you would have remind you of various tasks. Now, it’s not a project management system. But if you think tickler file, you’re on the right track.

How to Enter

If that sound tantalizing to you, make sure you’re following us on Twitter. And follow taskfm as well — then send the following tweet:

@taskfm @webappstorm I know I’m supposed to tweet something here, but I’ve forgotten exactly what. Please outsource my memory!

The winners will be announced at the end of the day! And a big congratulations to our winners from Day 9 — enjoy Tender guys.

And Over at Mac.AppStorm: LittleSnapper

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Mac.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few copies of LittleSnapper.

LittleSnapper is a tool for capturing inspirational websites or any area of your screen. It’s simple to organize hundreds of screenshots, exporting to a variety of different formats for use elsewhere. Innovative vector editing functionality allows you to annotate and edit screenshots through an incredibly simple interface.

Read more and enter the competition

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